Monday, 21 November 2016

numeracy reflection 2016 W6 T4

This week for  numeracy I have been doing problem solving this is fun because  it is hard to do.  It is hard to get the answers.I like it because it is fun to do and it get's harder as you go.


  1. Kia Ora Regan
    It's Richard here. I really like the way you worked out the answer. Maybe next time you should check where the full stops go and spaces. Did you do the natural disaster on google maps?
    Na Richard

  2. KIA Ora Regan it's Chantey here. I really like the way you worked out the problem solving but I think that you need to work on the problem solving a bit more because I think that you need to put the full stop's in the right places but I still like it and it's really AWESOME to me I really like it ( your AWESOME Regan ) [ AWESOME work Really ] { your the AWESOME star Regan

  3. Hi Regan it's is me Dani. I love your work I just want more of it your really good. Just could you add more text please. But a awesome job. Bye Regan


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